Start ANEW: Avon’s Anti-Aging Celluvive Complex Revives A Tired Rose

In the photograph above, you see a rose without water, a rose with water, and a rose with a mixture of water and Avon’s Celluvive Complex. After 24 hours, the flower with the mixture including Celluvive looked restored! The power is in the patent-pending Celluvive Complex found in ANEW Ultimate.

You see, many women are searching for serious results from their anti-aging skincare products. A lotion or serum can promise to help reverse signs of aging (like pesky fine lines or uneven skin tone), but few products can actually deliver. Enter: Avon’s anti-aging pioneer, the ANEW Ultimate skincare collection.

Powered by Avon’s Celluvive Complex, which features our exclusive Yanang leaf extract, the formula helps repair skin while visibly combatting multiple signs of aging. It was inspired by recent scientific research, which has identified an innate purification process in our bodies.

“Over the years, this natural revival process in our bodies breaks down, and this has been implicated as a key factor in many diseases and signs of aging,” said Chris Kyrou, Executive Director of Skincare and Product Development at Avon. “This same process is responsible for purifying damage within our skin cells, so we wanted to develop a product that aids in renewing this natural process.”

In clinical tests, 100% of women showed improvement in signs of aging, including fine wrinkles, texture, clarity and uneven skin tone after using ANEW Ultimate Day Multi-Performance Cream (with SPF 25) and ANEW Ultimate Night Multi-Performance Cream for 12 weeks.

The promising results we saw from these products got us thinking. What else could the patent-pending Celluvive Complex do? And experts at Avon’s Global Research & Development Center in Suffern, New York, created the rose experiment.

So you may think, “a rose is a rose is a rose” — but expect more if that rose gets a drink of our latest breakthrough, the patent-pending Celluvive Complex.


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